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Development path
  • February Hejian Glassware Co., Ltd. was established at the original site with 100 employees.
  • August Jiateng Glass was established to improve the wine bottle interface process.
  • December Annual turnover reached 8 million US dollars, and was rated as an excellent enterprise.
  • January Expand the scale of the marketing department.
  • February The R&D department launched more than 60 innovative products.
  • Products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.
  • Establishment of subsidiary factories.
  • More than 200 partners.
  • More than 500 partners.
  • 1995-2000
  • 2009
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2023

About Us
We have 30 years of experience in glass products, exported to more than 50 countries.
9 years of international station gold supplier, 4 million transactions and very high performance index.
We have a professional international trade team with 10 years of experience in the foreign trade industry.
We have a professional team of engineers, who can provide customers with one-stop service from design to delivery.
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Hand blown glass jtglass factory


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Do Wine Glasses Make A Difference?

Yes, different wine glasses do affect the taste of wine. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind this and how to get the best wine glasses to enjoy every glass of wine.

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Are Thick Or Thin Wine Glasses Better?

When it comes to choosing the perfect wine glass, the choice between thick and thin wine glasses is crucial.

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Are Expensive Wine Glasses Worth Buying

For true wine lovers, expensive wine glasses are often worth the investment. These glasses often offer greater durability, a better flavor and aroma experience, and aesthetic appeal due to higher-quality materials and craftsmanship. While they can't turn a bad wine into a great one, they can enhance the overall drinking experience and highlight the nuances of a wine more effectively than cheaper alternatives.

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Thin And Thick Wine Glasses

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Thin and Thick Wine Glasses Thick or thin wine glasses? When tasting a glass of wine, many factors influence the experience: the type of wine, the setting, and even the glass you’re drinking from. One of the most common debates among wine lovers is whether thick or t

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The Best Wine Glasses for Every Occasion

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best wine glasses to enhance your wine drinking experience for any occasion. Whether you're hosting an elegant dinner party, enjoying a casual evening at home or celebrating a special event, the right wine glass can make a significant difference.

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​Choosing The Perfect Plate Set: A Comprehensive Guide?

Explore our premium dinner plate sets to perfectly enhance your dining experience. Made from durable, elegant materials, the multiple styles of dinner plate sets are perfect for everyday meals and special occasions. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, making it the perfect addition to any home. Transform your table with our stylish dinner plate sets today!

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The Ultimate Guide To Dishwasher Safe Tableware in 2024

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Is A Glass of Wine 6 Ounces Or 8 Ounces?

Is a glass of wine 6 ounces or 8 ounces? If you prefer actual recommended serving sizes, a bottle of wine comes in four 6-ounce glasses, which looks like this in my red wine glass. Pour sizes vary among restaurants, but generally are 6 ounces. Wine Glass: The Basics Wine glasses come in a variety o

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What Is A Typical Wine Glass?

What is a typical wine glass? Our wine vessels play a vital role in the overall transformation and service experience. These expertly crafted glasses enhance the aroma, flavor and visual appeal of the wine. It’s also important for bartenders to understand the uses of different types of wine glasses,

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Do Wine Glasses Really Work?

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JIATENG Glass the biggest glass cup manufacturers in China, has more than 20 years specialist experience in glass cup industry.

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