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From protective containers to glassware
Jiateng offers a diverse selection of products to help you target specific markets. 
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  • Office water cup

    Oval, rectangular and round custom labels can be custom printed with your unique logo, artwork or design. Please upload your label artwork file, we will guide you through the process of labeling and finishing.

  • Double wall glasses

    To distinctively speak for a brand, labels must fit the purpose of the product and be able to convey the product information properly. We can advise you on the intricacies of label design​, production and application.

  • color cups

    Go beyond transparencies. The constant innovation and the long-standing expertise built over more than thirty years of working in the special glass industry make Jiateng the ideal partner for any one of your projects. There is always more in a Jiateng  cup, even when empty.

  • Glass teapot

    Glass teapots are divided into ordinary glass teapots and Pyrex teapots. Ordinary glass teapot, beautiful and beautiful, the material is general ordinary glass, heat resistance of 100℃-120℃.

  • Water carafe set

    Heat-resistant glass teapot, made of high borosilicate glass material, generally artificial blowing, low yield, more expensive than ordinary glass.

  • Glass pipette

    Generally, it can be cooked by direct fire, and the temperature resistance is generally about 150℃. Suitable for black tea, coffee, milk and other drinks and food directly boiling, also suitable for boiling water to brew a variety of green tea, flower tea.

  • win cup

    We know that drinking red wine has a special red wine glass, drinking white wine has a special white wine cup, and there are always different cups to drink different wines. For professional wine tasters, different styles of wine need to be served with different types of glasses to highlight their characteristics and flavors

  • bear cups

    Not all beer is suitable for binge drinking, some beer needs to be carefully tasted, beer color, foam, aroma, taste are important factors to evaluate a beer is good or bad, and different shapes of beer glasses, beer will have different effects. Therefore, beer glasses have many faces, and different types of beer glasses are adapted to different kinds of beer.

  • Crystal Candle Holder

    This area can be fully edited and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, your website, your products or your services. This area can be fully edited and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, your website, your products or your services.

  • Animal wine Decanter

    The third generation decanter is close to the style of the first generation decanter, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, with elegant lines.

  • Geometric terrarium

    Square angled glass garden, copper edge eternal flower micro landscape glass decoration, transparent geometric glass garden, eternal flower glass cover.

  • Glass dome

    Eternal life flower glass cover, diy dry flower protection flower cover, dust cover vase crafts decoration, life is not only fuel and rice, oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, there should be poetry and distance.

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